Christmas Home Tour 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Holiday Home Tour! I am so excited to have you here. I really enjoyed touring all the beautiful homes in a 2017 Holiday Housewalk hosted by Jennifer Rizzo, so I decided to take part in a "Be in next’s years holiday housewalk 2018 link party". I`m sure there will be plenty of gorgeous homes to see, so if you`re interested you can check them HERE.
Now, onto my home. Let`s get inside!
Once you’ve entered our house the first room you see is our living room.
As you can see, my theme is a white Christmas. For you who knows me, this is not a surprise. I love white in all his shades and textures. I can never get tired of this look. I just love white! 
Christmas tree is decorated in white, blush and a little bit of copper this year. I also hung handmade stars from the top and put a vintage white topper with a bow on top of the tree. 
It’s fun to get creative with a new mantel decor every year. I`m in love with my snowy garland with a stars falling down from the side. I wanted  some kind of balance, so I hung my garland on one side of the mantel, opposite to the Christmas tree. On the antique french chair is a cozy blanket and more white pillows. I love this spot next to the fireplace to sit and read and I love the vintage look it brings!
I also hung my DIY Christmas stockings and added a little white ornament and a bow on each. 
Wrapped presents are also there to make everything look nice and festive! 
On the other side of the room is my sofa with a big mirror above. I draped another garland over the mirror, so when it lit`s up, whole room looks magical. I also added white bottle brush tree with a cute little deers on the antique books and a lantern full of left over ornaments. 
I made this copper wreath the other day and put it on my hubbys guitar. I thought it`s cute and unexpected place for a wreath, right?
Coffee table is decorated with fresh flowers and candles. Glass top reflects all the lights from the tree and candles and it looks so beautiful at night.
Next stop is my dinning room. It`s styled in the same neutral theme with just a little bit of pale green to tie in with a lot of greenery I used there. For the center piece I took a fresh garland and candles as a backdrop for the the white plates and napkins.
Because everything else was quite moderate, I added my gingerbread cookies as a fun little detail on every plate. Snowman, Christmas tree, stocking and mitten serves also as a name tag, so everyone knows it`s place on the table!
Since this is not a big space, I opted for a smaller flocked Christmas tree here. It`s decorated with white, pale grin and  crystal ornaments. For the top I used a birdcage ornament! Love this cute little bird with a feathered tail!
On the mirror is my DIY Joyeux Noel banner, DIY pom pom garland from last year and a white wreath.
Kitchen is right behind the dinning room, so I used the same color palette. Because we love to spend a lot of time there, cooking and baking, I stayed minimal with decorations and used just fresh greenery.
Mini pine tree by the cook top, a wreath on the window and pine sprays in the pitcher for a festive touch. The island top holds a silver bowl filled with more greenery, ornaments and a candle.
I also have one little gingerbread house under the cloche in a kitchen cabinet with a sweet Santa seating in front of it. 
The only spot I decorated bit more here is a white cabinet. I created a little snowy village with my gingerbread houses, trees and a few bottle brush trees. I added twinkling lights under the fake snow to make it more sparkly and festive. So many beautiful angels lives there, so I had to, right?
Thank you so much for visiting my home this Holiday season. My goal is always to inspire, and to show that decorating can be done on a budget!
Don`t forget to stop by at Jennifer Rizzo and tour the other lovely homes!
Wishing you a wonderful day and Holiday season!
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5 Tips How to Decorate House for Christmas

Today I’m so excited to share a couple tips that I usually use in my home when I decorate for Christmas!!!

First tip - Choose your theme
Being a blogger I become a little bit overwhelmed every year to do something new and different and give you, my readers, some fresh and interesting ideas and inspirations for Christmas. But, that doesn`t makes me inspired, quite the opposite. So, instead of trying to do that, this year I wanted to stay true to myself and do what I love. If you have followed me for awhile you probably notice that I`m a big fan of white, pastels and neutral colors. This year`s decor is all about that. Same goes for you, pick the theme that will make you smile every time you enter your front door. Any color will be perfect, as long as it makes you happy. If you want to see my post about 10 Christmas color schemes, click HERE.
Second tip - Decorate your Christmas tree first
At least that`s what I do. When I chose my theme, I put up my tree (trees) and decorate it. If you want to know all about my secrets on how to decorate your tree like a pro, check this post! It`s a few years old, but it`s a big hit even now and #Hometalk featured it so many times.
Third tip - Decorate your mantel or any flat surface you have
It can be your dresser or TV stand, it makes no difference. There is so many ways to decorate your mantel, but I will share some of my tips to make it lovely in no time in my next post. 
Forth tip - Decorate the rest of the space
Your tree and mantel are done, but you`re not. You have to bring that Christmas magic all around the room (house) or it will look unfinished and cluttered on one end and empty on the other. Bring some smaller decor to your coffee table, your end tables and other surfaces you have in the room. Add mini Christmas trees in cute baskets or just branches on the table in the dinning room, hang the wreaths (you can find the tutorial how to make a fresh wreath HERE) on your windows, doors or mirrors, hang your Christmas stockings (did you see my DIY Christmas stockings) add fluffy blankets (you can find how to make a pom pom blanket HERE) and pillows on the sofas and decorate your kitchen with fresh fruits and cookies. 
Fifth tip -  Add lights
Christmas lights is so magical and beautiful. There is something special in the shimmering and sparkling lights that makes my heart sings, so I think this is one of the most important steps to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary! Add lots and lots of candles and twinkling lights everywhere. This will make your home cozy and magical. 
Finally, forget all the rules and be yourself
If you`re overwhelmed with all this tips and rules you see all over the internet, just forget all this and do what you love. Add as many colors as you like on your tree, dress it up with tinsel, fruits or flowers, add toys and crafts, popcorn garland and family photos and have fun! Remember this season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, decorations are there just to make it even more festive and beautiful. So, follow your heart and share love everywhere, because this is a true meaning of the season!

Thank you so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day

Free Printable Calendar September Pumpkins

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